Customer complaint on markings on watch and jewellery

If no photos have been provided by the customer, use the Customer Service: Product Returns & Exchanges:: Faulty Item (Request for evidence) macro on Zendesk.

Once photos have been provided, consult with Alex via Slack if markings are within acceptable limit or not. For acceptable markings, reply to customer in Zendesk via email below.Hi dear,

Hi dear,

Thank you for sending that through!

Most of our fashion accessories would likely have some kind of minor scratch or marking. If you're not completely happy with them, we're happy to offer you a refund or replacement (I can check with our warehouse to select a piece for you) if you want to send them back!

Let me know if I can help you out with anything else!

Kind Regards,


ThePeachBox & Marc Bale Team

If the customer decides to send the items back, please note that they are responsible for the cost of shipping the items back to us.

For unacceptable markings, follow the normal steps for Faulty Item Replacement.

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